Posted by: deerharas | September 11, 2005


I am very particular about toilet paper.  It’s not that I am obsessed enough to bring my own roll wherever I go, but I have a definite preference when it comes time to make a TP purchase.  First of all, I refuse to consider frugality when it comes to toilet paper.  I figure I can save a couple dollars in some other way.  Scratchy thin toilet paper is simply not pleasant.  Also, I don’t really like super-fibrous toilet paper.  That’s that kind that when you use it to blow your nose or in some other kleenex like fashion, it leaves little white fibers behind.  The toilet paper people are just trying to be too cushion-y soft.  Another toilet paper pet peeve of mine is ridiculous advertising.  I really cannot stand the Charmin Bear and his stupid calypso music.  Even if I really liked their toilet paper, I don’t think I would buy it simply because of the “Cha cha cha … Charmin!” 

One of the toilet paper renovations that I am eternally grateful for is the invention of the double roll.  I truly appreciate them cutting my toilet paper roll change time in half.  I really don’t understand people who continue to purchase single rolls.  I mean, it might look like you’re getting a good deal when you get 24 rolls for $5.00 as opposed to just 12, but the 12 are double rolls!  You get the same amount of toilet paper and only have to change the roll 12 times!  But it gets even better … much to my delight have I noticed lately the introduction of a new product to the toilet paper market … THE TRIPLE ROLL!  Finally, a product that allows me to save an even extra twenty seconds a week (or however long it really takes me to run out of toilet paper). 

So after three years of buying toilet paper for myself, I have finally found the best that there is.  This is my official toilet paper endorsement for all to see.  I would highly recommend that on your next toilet paper trip you pick up a package of Kleenex Cotonelle Triple Rolls with Ripples.  It’s soft, but not too cushion-y, and the ripples are just an added bonus.  It’s not too fat to fit on your roll; it’s somehow super condensed so that you don’t need one of those silly roll extender things.  Kleenex Cotonelle Triple Rolls with Ripples have brought some simple joy to my life, and I’m confident it can do the same for you. 

So I have been an official Xanga member for over a year, but this is my first time to ever post.  I have enjoyed reading several of my friends’ posts, but I have just been hesitant to put anything out there for fear of sounding boring or cliche.  However, today I just really got the urge to write about my random thoughts, and I have enjoyed doing so.  Regardless of if anyone ever even reads a single post of mine, writing is a good exercise for me, and I know I will be thankful someday to go back and read about who I was and what I was thinking about at this point in my life.  So … yea. 

Well, my last triple roll is on it’s last leg, so I’m off to Super Target to get some more.

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