Posted by: deerharas | September 27, 2005


I am the CD Scramble queen!  After careful and diligent listening, I have deciphered the three jumbled up songs currently being played each weekday at 4:40 PM on 98.9 Kiss FM.  Everyone should tune in, because I will be winning at least $168.90 in the near future.  This is not my first rendezvous with “the scramble.”  I’ve actually been on it twice, and won once.  The last time I called in, I won $198.90 for guessing correctly 311 – Lovesong, Lenny Kravitz – Lady and Hoobastank – Reason.

I’m actually not watching “Gilmore Girls – The Complete Fourth Season” just yet.  It does come out today, but becauase I pre-ordered it, it hasn’t made it in yet.  It’s worth the wait, however, because since I was one of the first 700 people to pre-order it on with my Mastercard, I get a free pair of “Dragonfly Inn” pajamas. 

This is a somewhat fluffy post, but I haven’t updated in a few days and thought it was time.  There’s a lot more I’m thinking about and intend to write about … so we’ll see.

Grace and Peace

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