Posted by: deerharas | October 4, 2005


I have great people in my life.  I know this, and I am thankful, but today I just appreciate the blessing even more.  I am truly blessed by people like …

Jayme, who is more than a cousin to me, who makes me laugh, who shares my musical, cinematic and television obsessions, who has the ability to frustrate me more than my brother, who is the closest thing I will ever have to a sister

My Mother, who is the most unselfish and caring person I know, who is gifted in hospitality, who is always willing to listen, who has such a special heart to work with special people

My RA Staff, who have the best attitudes, who come into my office just to say hi, whose gifts and talents amazingly complement one another, who are true servants

Sydnie, who was an authentic friend for six of the hardest weeks of my life, who I can sit comfortably with in a silent room, who I can laugh with, cry with and pray with 

My Father, who is the best thinker I know, who serves his family, whose forgetfulness I share, who always puts others before himself, who has a way with words

Sarah Kaye, who shares my name, who has always been there and always will be, whose family is my own, who is beautiful on multiple levels

My Coworkers, who are fun and funny, who are a constant support and sounding board, who enrich my job exponentially

Rodney, who is my best black friend, who calls me his best white friend, who I both learn from and share with, who is my HD kindred spirit

Todd, who answers my questions, who has given me a genuine guy friendship, who often shares my perspective, who sanded my door and gave me a peephole

Stacey, Randy & Molly, who was more than my RA, who I never want to leave when it’s time to leave, who are my first family of friends, who I can talk to and feel like I am really understood and affirmed

My Church, who I am still getting to know and love, who offers a plethora of opportunities to grow and learn and serve, who is committed to truth and not popularity

Jack, who loves the Lord, who everyone loves, who is excited about the lives of others, who was my first theological resource

Tracy, who is my deep friend, who inspires and challenges me, who is a seeker, who I have loved to see become herself

My Grandparents, who profoundly love each other in word and action, who aren’t afraid to be silly for the sake or entertainment of their grandchildren, who are givers, who trust the Lord

The Girls of West Hall, who bring humor to my days, who are full of incredible potential, who I work for

The Cousins, who make every holiday a blast, who wear me out, who set my underwear on fire, who I have loved to watch grow up

My Brookwood Small Groups, who taught me about accountability, encouragement and support, who made a 30 minute commute from Shawnee and Edmond worth it, who prayed for me and I prayed for

Kaye, who is my namesake, who is one of my favorite people to spend time with, who I like to argue with, who has always treated me as her own

Daniel, who is the funniest person I know, who is a blessing I didn’t know I wanted, who even though eleven years younger, still instigates sibling rivalry, who I have more in common with with each passing year, who loves me and tells me so

Stacey, who is my lifetime accountability partner, who is so much more than an accountability partner, whose passion inspires me, who I can tell (and have told) anything to, who shares my struggles and my strengths, who is a witness to my life and allows me to be a witness to hers

My LORD, Who is the Giver of every good and perfect gift, Who remains faithful when I am faithless, Who is worthy and holy, Who deserves me wholly.


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