Posted by: deerharas | October 13, 2005


“My theory is that when it comes to important subjects, there’s only two ways a person can answer.  Which way they choose tells you who that person is.  For instance, there’s only two kinds of people in the world:  Beatles people and Elvis people.  Now Beatles people can like Elvis and Elvis people can like Beatles, but nobody likes them both equally.  Somewhere you have to make a choice … and that choice tells you who you are.”

I am definitely a Beatles person.  I can appreciate some Elvis, but I didn’t grow up listening to Elvis records … it was Hey Jude and Penny Lane I couldn’t get enough of.  Anyway, I love this concept (taken, by the way, from a deleted scene in Pulp Fiction in which Uma Thurman interviews John Travolta; he was an Elvis person).  This past RA training we did an ice breaker with a similar slant … take a step forward if you’re this, take a step backward if you’re that.  I adapted it for the first night of a small group Bible study I tri-lead, but alas only one person showed up, and it got scratched.  So rather than it going completely to waste, I have decided to post it here with my preferences noted. 

Coke or Dr. Pepper?  

Dr. Pepper

Chocolate or vanilla? 


Bell or Bueno? 

Bueno, of course.  How could I be disloyal to my hometown?  The first Taco Bueno ever was in Abilene!

Sprint or Cingular? 


Facebook or Xanga? 

Used to be Facebook, but now Xanga

When snacking, do you want something salty or sweet? 


Do take your showers in the morning or at night? 


Would you call yourself a leader or a follower? 

I like to follow a good leader, but I am willing to take the leader’s role as well.

Do you prefer to snack in the daytime or nighttime? 


Would you rather be a contestant on Big Brother or Survivor? 

Big Brother

Would you rather take a vacation at the beach or in the mountains? 

Difficult … maybe mountains

Would you say you were more spontaneous or do you always make a plan? 

Spontaneous with some inevitable planning

Are you more apt to break the speed limit or go the speed limit? 

Probably break … but not by much

On a casual day, are you wearing flip flops or tennis shoes? 

Flip flops!

Do you prefer summer or winter? 

Good things about both … summer

Are you more like your mom or your dad? 

Probably mom, although I definitely have some dad in me

Do you need lots of alone time or do you need people constantly around you? 

 I like both!  However, I am a quality time girl, so I love having people I love around.

Are you quiet or loud? 

Depends on the circumstance … but with people I know well, loud

On your day off do you play outside or watch TV? 

Although I enjoy outside, in all honesty probably watch TV

Are you a morning or night person? 


Would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset? 


Do you enjoy being in the spotlight or behind the scenes? 

behind the scenes

Would you rather watch a movie in the theater or at home? 

Both are great!  There’s just something about a theater, though.

Do you get things done ahead of time or wait until the last minute? 

Last minute; I thrive under pressure.

Do you have a large group of acquaintances or a small group of close friends? 

small group of close friends

Do you prefer a modern worship style or traditional? 

I like a combination … I am torn on this one … I just like excellence in worship

When someone is talking, do you really listen or wait to talk? 

I have to really concentrate to listen, so probably wait to talk.

Okay, so I am officially soliciting comments on this one.  If you have the time, copy the questions and leave me your answers … don’t forget Elvis or Beatles!

Okay, so I think I fixed the copy/paste/fill in answers problem so hopefully no one else will get frustrated!

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