Posted by: deerharas | November 28, 2005


So it’s been awhile …

It’s been so long, in fact, that I’m not quite sure what my big “back from the Xanga break” post should be.  I’m sure a lot of people are currently writing about their Thanksgiving breaks … here are my highlights:

  • Made it to Amarillo in time to clean my aunt’s oven before the rest of the family got there.  Yeah, evidently you’re supposed to wear gloves or you end up with chemical burns all over your arms from the extra potent oven cleaner.
  • Survived another get together with “the cousins.”  They stole my keys but concocted a hilarious scavenger hunt for me to find them.  Let’s just say one of my clues involved listening to “Banana Pancakes.”
  • Speaking of Jack Johnson … I wanted to steal my cousin’s basketball game day team t-shirt.  (That’s a mouthful.)  One of her teammates drew a picture of Jack wearing a t-shirt that said “Lady Sandies.”  Above him it says “We’re Better Together.”  Now if I can just convince the West Hall RAs to make a similar staff t-shirt …
  • Had family thanksgiving share time.  This year I made everyone share something serious and something frivolous.  My cousin Grace said she was thankful for Dr. Pepper to which my brother interrupted with “It makes the world taste better!”  My three silly thankfuls were 1) the unlimited hot water supply in West Hall (seriously, I could stand in my shower all day and never run out) 2) the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library System (which has greatly enriched my musical exposure due to the variety of CDs I can check out) 3) My third row seats to Coldplay come February 27th (and the fact that three of my best friends – whose names all start with “S” – will be there with me!)
  • Actually went shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  I got a camera with a pretty good rebate, and I am proud to say that I already sent off for it.
  • Caught up on some missed Gilmore Girls episodes.  I think I just might write a letter to Amy Sherman-Palladino to let her know how ridiculous  this whole “Luke love child” twist is.  I mean really.  Are they hurting that badly for material?   Other than that, it’s good to see Lorelai and Rory reunited.
  • Played lots of games, including Rook (an all time family classic) and won most of the time, “Drug Dealer” (silly, but fun … watching my brother attempt to wink inconspicuously cracked me up) and Mafia.  This was the first time my family played Mafia together.  I think the only time the mafia won was when Jayme and I were it.  At one point, my mom was mafia and my brother the doctor.  She chose to kill him first round, and rather than saving himself, he chose to save Mother.  What a sweetheart.
  • Saw “Rent.”  Well … it was okay.  Definitely not as good as the live musical.  I kept wanting to sing the spoken lines. 
  • Saw snow!  I actually left Amarillo in the middle of a snow storm. 
  • Went to the Kanye West concert with Stacey for her birthday.  He has a pretty eclectic fan base.  The best part was during Gold Digger; the whole song he sang the edited version with “broke da broke” until the very last chorus where he said, “White people – this is your only chance to say N_____.  Make it mean something!” 

So that was thanksgiving.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.  Glad to be back in the Xanga realm; I missed you all!


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