Posted by: deerharas | November 30, 2005


So I have a new goal that I’m working towards.

In 8th grade I ran cross country probably because most of my friends did as well.  I didn’t realize how much I hated long distance running until I actually had to run everyday after school.  After I let Coach Herron know that cross country was not for me, she didn’t allow me to quit until after I ran in a meet.  I ran my one and only cross country meet at Sears Park back in the fall of 1995 with a time of 7:55 – the fastest I have ever run a mile.

Ever since then running has always been a punishment.  If we slacked in volleyball, we would have to run lines.  My senior year I missed a couple of practices at the very beginning of the season because I wasn’t back from D.C., and I had to run a mile for every practice I missed.  I never enjoyed running until this past year.

For anyone interested in beginning to run, here’s my advice:  Build up your endurance in other ways first.  I took a lot of time off from working out when I was in college (basically freshman through senior year), but then I started bench aerobics when I was home over J-term my senior year.  It was such a great workout, and it really kept my mind occupied.  My instructors came up with really challenging sequences, so I didn’t have time to think about how I was dying … I had to get the step.  I also started doing the eliptical machine and reading magazines at the same time.  When I actually began running last year, it wasn’t nearly as difficult because I had build up my endurance in other ways.

I suppose it also helps that I have the best running partner ever!  I can run forever with Stacey.  Most of our best conversastions have been over long runs.  Come January we begin training for a half marathon in April.  The most I’ve ever run is seven miles, so I’ve got a ways to go.

So for the month of December I am working on a personal running goal.  I want to run a mile in seven minutes and fifty four seconds.  That’s right … I’m going to beat my 8th grade time.  I’ve got about 45 seconds to shave off as of yesterday.  Thankfully I can run for free on the Central Plaza treadmills, and no one is ever down there.  Now if I could just get an iPod …

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