Posted by: deerharas | December 21, 2005


It’s the simple things in life that really have the potential to bring me joy.  For example, I love being the first person to open a new tub of butter.  There is something about the unadulterated smoothness of it … it makes me happy.  The smallest thing a person can say or do also has amazing potential to make my day. 

Okay, so here’s a little background information.  A couple weeks ago, for one reason or another I was reminded of the GG episode in which Rory decided to sort through a mound of catalogs they had received at their house, many of which were duplicates.  Lorelai explains that she gave stores different names but the same address in order to see how many catalogs they would actually send.  I found her aliases quite amusing.  I was talking with a friend and told her that we should adopt two of the names for ourselves … Tookie Clothespin and Squeegee Beckinheim.  I, of course, am Tookie since it was my idea and I like that one better.

So yesterday, this same friend and I grabbed dinner from City Bites where they ask for your name so they can call it when your order’s ready.  I told the lady my name was Sarah, but then I immediately wished I had given her my other alias.  It was too late, however, because she’d already put my real name into the computer.  I grabbed my cup and went over to the drink area where I proceeded to sample the Dr. Pepper, Coke and Pepsi (in that order) to determine which had the best carbonation/syrup combo.  I settled on Dr. Pepper and joined my friend where we waited for my Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwich with no tomatoes and extra cherry peppers and her California Club in a sun dried tomato wrap (good stuff, guys). 

Soon the counter girl said into the microphone, “Sarah, your order is ready” immediately followed by “Squeegee, your order is ready.”  I think I yipped, I was so surprised.  Seriously, it’s the little things people.  I love my friend Squeegee Beckinheim … she made my night.


  1. […] Another RA friend.  I met Sydnie my sophomore year (her freshman) when as an RA I had to escort a workman to her room to fix something.  I noticed that on her “info sheet” posted outside her door that we shared the same favorite scriptures (Lamentations 3:22-24) and that she liked the Abilenian worship leader Jeff Berry.  I thought to myself, “We could be friends.”  And friends we became, but not until the following year.  Sydnie took Stacey’s old RA position, which meant we shared the second floor divided by the lobby.  The great thing about Sydnie is how easy she is to be around.  I don’t care what I’m doing, I just like her there.  She was with me when I fell down the stairs in the GC, with me for hours in the ER, and with me through six weeks of carrying my bag to class and my tray in the cafeteria.  We both like to talk, so there’s always a story to share, but she’s the kind of friend you can just be silent with as well.  Over the course of our friendship, she too met a boy, got married and had a baby.  I was the “first friend” bridesmaid a few years ago and got to meet precious Margot this Christmas.  I love my Squeegee Beckenheim! […]

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