Posted by: deerharas | January 25, 2006


I love “Way Back Wednesdays.”  Cold Hearted Snake came on the radio this morning as I was blowdrying my hair.  Amy, my favorite babysitter ever, had this tape and we would listen to it non stop whenever she came to babysit me.

Here are a few random facts you might find interesting:

  • 1967 – The first Taco Bueno opens in Abilene, TX.  (Abilene’s claim to fame)
  • 1972 – Taco Bueno expands to Oklahoma.
  • 1987 – MexiDips and Chips added to the menu. (a personal favorite)
  • 1989 – Muchaco is invented (another personal favorite, available with MexiDips and Chips in the #3 combo)
  • 1998 – A new store design was introduced (Sad day … the old design was great)
  • 1999 – Original Taco Bueno Store is rebuilt at better location (Even sadder day … the orginal store on South 1st was the best!  Good memories … strawberry soda, Mexican art, accidently going in the men’s restroom as a child because I couldn’t read Spanish)

 Feel free to visit for more fun facts. 


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