Posted by: deerharas | February 12, 2006



This past November, on an extremely cold Saturday morning (I left my apartment at 5:40 AM) I staked out the first place in line to buy Coldplay tickets for their show here in February.  I could write a whole post about that morning’s experience, but to sum it all up, at 10:05 AM I walked away with eight tickets, 3rd row, Section C, on the floor!  Totally worth the four hours.

So, basically I had been looking forward to the concert for three months.  I was especially looking forward to going with three of my very best friends (and their husbands, boyfriends, etc.).  A couple weeks ago I downloaded Fiona Apple’s latest CD so that I would know more of her music than “Criminal” and her cover of “Across the Universe.”  The more I listened to it, the more I liked it, and the more excited I got about the concert. I especially appreciate the title track … “Be kind to me, or treat me mean.  I’ll make the most of it; I’m an extraordinary machine.”  Too bad she didn’t sing it last night.

She did, however, have several little fits on stage.  Either she was waaaaay into the music, or waaaaay into something else.  I mean, I like the girl, but it was a little disturbing to see her hit herself and yell what I assume were obscenities.  (I couldn’t be sure because she was just yelling to herself, not into the microphone.)  Oh, a few songs into her set, Sydnie leaned over to tell me that the lead singer for the Flaming Lips was standing just to our right.  (I would have never known who he was, and I’m not that familiar with TFL; the only song I know of theirs is “Do You Realize,” and I think it was in a car commercial.)  When Randy saw him, we had to get a picture … nice guy, that Wayne Coyne.  Maybe I’ll look into his music a little more.

Now it’s hard to explain where our seats were exactly, but let’s just say they were more like the first row than the third.  Before Coldplay came out, we strategically positioned ourselves to stand right next to the barrier once the concert started.  We succeeded.  It was a little bizarre to stand there not even ten feet from Chris Martin.  I was too busy taking a million pictures, but one of my friends swore she made eye contact with him at least once. 

Now while Kyle thinks it was a “cheap crowd trick,” I am inclined to believe that Chris Martin had no intention of leaving his zipper unzipped before coming out on stage.  I watched to crew member write out the “your fly is down” sign and hold it up for him to see.  Before this concert, I really liked Coldplay.  I wasn’t obsessed; I didn’t know every word to every song or anything, but they ranked decently high on the list.  After this concert, however, I have a much greater appreciation for them as a band.  They put on a good show … generous and authentic.  Hmm … I think my favorite performance was “Fix You.”  I heard on some interview somewhere that they as a band admired the Bee Gees for their three part harmony, and on this song set out to one up them by adding a fourth part.  The screen behind them showing all four singing at once was fabulous. 

Facebook friends, you should check out my “Coldplay Concert” album … I posted about 10 of the 200 or so.

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