Posted by: deerharas | March 16, 2006


So the birthday’s officially over.  Good day … I got to see my grandparents and celebrate with them.  My brother got me the Curious George soundtrack.  The remake of “With My Own Two Hands” is great; Ben and Jack should sing together more often.  Sadly no Jack Purcells … stupid Abilene mall.  Anyway, as much as I could post about my birthday or just Spring Break in general, tonight I really want to write about my amazing last night before I forget significant details.

Well … no one gave me any game sign suggestions.  Nevertheless, Jayme and I decided on a basic “Go, Spurs, Go” for me and a “I heart TP” (in true New York t-shirt fashion) for her.  Let’s just say that our signs were A-MAZ-ING.  Mine was black with silver glitter, and Jayme’s looked exactly like all the t-shirts.  I’ll post pics later on Facebook or here if I can figure out how.  **EDIT** Yeah!  I figured out how to add a picture … it only took forever.

Anyway, game night was last night … Spurs vs. Hornets.  We got there an hour before doors opened in hopes of being one of the firsts in the building, intending to get a good spot in line for pre-game autographs.  As it turned out, we weren’t there soon enough, and alas, no autographs.  Got some good pictures, though.  Jayme wasn’t too disappointed since she already has about every Spur autograph she could want. 

Jayme had been staking out tickets online since last semester, finally buying some from a season ticket holder.  Our seats were four rows directly behind the Spurs bench … amazing.  It was crazy to see all these people who until last night only existed for me on TV or in magazines.  Um, yeah, it was even a little more crazy when about midway through the first quarter the guy sitting next to Jayme pointed out that Eva Longoria had just walked in and sat down.  (And our seats were better than hers!)

Okay, so my cousin absolutely loves Tony Parker and has for about the past three years.  Last year she got great tickets to a game in which Tony was hurt and sat the bench the whole time.  She and her friend yelled at him on the bench the whole game until he finally turned around and waved at them.  Obviously, her objective for last night was the same … get noticed by Tony Parker. 

We didn’t really have a strategy going in.  However, at the end of the first quarter, as Tony was walking back to the bench, he was looking in our general direction.  Jayme held up her sign and we both waved at him.  He looked at the sign, looked at us, laughed, and waved back … all in the course of about ten seconds, which is actually a long time if you think about it.  Jayme was so excited; she didn’t even have to yell. 

I then made the remark that the rest of the game would be kind of anti-climactic.  I mean, she reached her goal, and we still had three fourths of the game to go.  Even so, we enjoyed the remainder of the game.  They never zoomed in on us for the jumbotron, but everytime the cameras showed our side of the court, you could see us (and our signs) just because we were so close behind the bench. 

Well, the Spurs won 96 to 81 … such a fun time.  Whenever the Spurs win at home, they set up a post game radio interview with one of the players.  According to Jayme it’s usually a bench player, but last night – amazingly – it was with Tony Parker.  Jayme climbed down a couple rows to be closer while I stayed behind with the signs.  Anyway, he gave his little interview and as he was concluding, he started taking off his shoes. 

As he began to walk toward the crowd, I barely realized what he was doing until the first shoe was already thrown (to a middle school girl … on crutches).  However, he waited a bit before throwing the second.  He was looking around.  I tried to yell at Jayme in order to give her the TP poster, but I doubt at this point she even heard me.  So I held the poster up behind her while she waved and yelled, and who did he throw his second shoe to?  Yes, friends, it was to Jayme.  She caught the shoe, and even fended off another girl to keep posession of it.  I like to credit the shoe aquisition to the poster.  I seriously think he was looking for the girl that made the incredibly cute, eye catching, and most of all, flattering poster just for him.  And he found her … and gave her his shoe.

So that was pretty much my first NBA game experience.  And even though I’m not a basketball fanatic, I am so excited I got to be there for Jayme’s big night.  I’m kind of sad it’s over, especially because it kind of rounds out my “three things to look forward to” that I wrote about awhile back.  However I recently added something else to the list … A Derek Webb concert in Dallas come April 4th.  I’m going … and if Stacey doesn’t come with, I will resort to asking every single person I know … anyone interested?

Finally in honor of the upcoming concert, I’ve decided to post a series of my favorite Derek Webb lyrics up until April 4th.  In light of all the “celebrity” chat up above, I thought this appropriate (from Ballad of San Francisco):

I love anonymity and I love being noticed
Just the same as anybody else
Years ago I told you how I loved to be alone
These days I’d be perjuring myself

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