Posted by: deerharas | March 18, 2006


Spring Break Highlights:

  • Casa Olé green sauce
  • Getting to see my cousin take 1st in both 100 and 300 hurdles at the West Texas Relays Track Meet (held in the stadium where much of “Friday Night Lights” was filmed)
  • Watching endless episodes of Lost with the fam …finally finishing out the season … crazy stuff.
  • Introducing Jayme to the wonder that is a Mezamiz Espresso Shake.
  • Running with Jayme at Nelson Park while we both listened to our iPods.
  • Going with Jayme on her first college campus tour … realizing that UTSA has about two signs that actually say University of Texas San Antonio, neither of which Jayme was willing to pose next to.  (Um, Jayme, if I remember correctly, Rory let Lorelai take a picture of her in a stranger’s dorm room holding a pen up in the air.)
  • Getting semi-lost in San Antonio … Yahoo Maps suck.
  • Casa Rio’s on the Riverwalk.  Yeah, Mariachis!
  • Forgetting my clothes in Abilene and having to buy new ones before the game.
  • The Spurs game and all it entailed (see previous post).
  • McKay’s strawberry cake.
  • Birthday presents!  501 Must See Movies book from the Thompsons … I’ve seen 142.  (148 if you count movies that I’ve seen at least 3/4 of)
  • Daddy and Papa John beating Jayme and me in Rook … they had over 500, and we were in the hole.
  • Abilene/San Angelo travel time with my mom.
  • Toting my grandmother around to get new glasses, a hair cut, and specialty dog food for poor blind Bolly. 
  • Quality time with Koko the 35 lb. cat.
  • El Fenix dinner with my fellow Sarah Kaye and our moms.  (Have you noticed the Mexican food pattern?)
  • Phase 10 games!
  • Going to see David Matsler play at the Bean Counter … amazing cover of Damien Rice’s “Volcano.”  (Seriously, everyone should check him out: … download his song “Carousel”; it’s free.)
  • Finding a new singer/songwriter I enjoy.  Sam Jaffe followed Matsler and was pretty impressive live.  Turns out he’s appeared on The O.C. (in the episode where Sandy sings to Kirsten) and had his music featured on Summerland.

So I’m back in Edmond; the break’s officially over for me.  I have to take two online tests before Monday that I haven’t begun to study for.  In keeping with my Derek Webb series, I’ll end this with some lines from “Faith My Eyes” (a song that encouraged me tremendously as I began college 300 miles away from home and that I often think about whenever I make the drive from Texas back to Oklahoma):


So keep ‘em coming, these lines on the road

And keep me responsible, be it a light or heavy load

Keep me guessing with these blessings in disguise

And I’ll walk with grace my feet and faith my eyes

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