Posted by: deerharas | April 2, 2006


Of all the nights to not be tired, “Spring Forward” night probably isn’t the best one.  Thankfully I don’t have to go to church tomorrow morning … I went tonight.  However, I was thinking about visiting random churches now that my Sunday mornings are free, just for some diversity.  I was planning on visiting the church that my Houston friend Stacey and I visited for a semester while at OBU.  We actually drove almost an hour every Sunday morning from Shawnee to Edmond, and now that I’ve lived in Edmond for almost two years, I haven’t visited once.  Next week I’m visiting my old church (in south OKC that I also commuted to while living in Shawnee) because they are using a video of my friend’s testimony in the service.  It’s always nice to see faces I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

Well, this weekend I have watched three movies, none of which I loved, but the best of which I have posted as my “currently watching.”  Black and white, three hours long, with subtitles … not the kind of movie you call up your friends to come over and watch, at least not most of my friends.  I was proud of myself when midway through the movie Nico made an appearance as herself, and I knew who she was.  (Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for ever-broadening my pop-cultural horizons.)  I was on call Friday, and actually got called out about midway through the movie.  I got to see DPS kick in a door, which was somewhat exciting.  It might be cooler to say I was assisting in a drug bust, but alas it was just a smoke alarm going off. 

Today I watched “Gangs of New York” and “The Barbarian Invasions.”  Gangs was fine, although nothing’s really stuck with me.  Invasions won best foreign language film a few years ago, and according to the New York Daily News quote on the back cover, it’s supposed to be “A Deeply Felt Celebration Of Life!”  Hmm … if you call euthanization celebrating life.  Honestly I thought the dying man’s life pathetic.  A mediocre professor, he cheats on his wife with numerous young co-eds, but as he lay dying in the hospital from cancer, his son has to bribe three of his students to even come visit him.  At one point his young friend (not to mention heroin supplier) asks him what he loves about life.  Women, wine, travel … however because of his age and disease he no longer is able to enjoy these things.  She responds, “It’s not the present you cling to.  It’s your past life.  That life is already dead.”  In the end he is left with nothing but memories of fleeting pleasures.  For a film billed as “a funny look at all the things that invade our lives,” I didn’t find it that funny.

Concert countdown: 3 days

Poverty is so hard to seeWhen it’s only on your TV and twenty miles across townWhere we’re all living so goodThat we moved out of Jesus’ neighborhoodWhere He’s hungry and not feeling so goodFrom going through our trashHe says, “More than just your cash and coinI want your time, I want your voice

I want the things you just can’t give me”


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