Posted by: deerharas | April 20, 2006

Strangers in the night … exchanging glances

The second annual West Hall “Strangers in the Night” was, for the second year in a row, a huge success!  The idea was born out of a similar program they did at OBU my senior year.  My old boss, Kim, decided to host a fabulous outdoor Italian dinner for Taylor residents with the catch being that their roommate chose their date, and it was a surprise until that night.  When I got my job at UCO, I knew that I wanted to do something similar for my West Hall girlies.  The great thing about West is that it might as well have been built specifically for “Strangers” … from the Gallery to the lobby to the long sidewalk between us and the library to the courtyard, it all works perfectly!

It also helps having an RA who also hostesses for a very upscale Italian restaurant here in Edmond; she gets us the hookup!  We’ve had some pretty great programs in West … Hanks for the Memories, Roommate Room Raiders, West Hall Academy Awards Gala.  However last year we could not come up with any good names for this romantic/blind date/Sadie Hawkins dinner.  That was until in a staff meeting brainstorming session, one RA said “What about Strangers in the Night?”  And that was that.

This year we ironed out a ton of the kinks we had last year, such as how you string 12 sewn together sheets across a courtyard without killing anyone because a cinderblock fell on her head.  Decorating went smoothly, and the courtyard looked fantastic!

My favorite part of the night is when the girls walk out to find out who their date is.  The guys are all lined up, each with a rose in his hand. 

The girls then walk by single file until one of the guys steps out and hands her a rose.  The rest of the night is a blast as well, but it’s so fun to see the girls’ expressions as they finally find out who their date is … some people are more surprised than others.  (Lisa)

Dinner was great … they didn’t forget the bread this year!  Of course, someone always starts dancing on our little stage/pavilion area, and by the end of the night I turned into a makeshift DJ.  I think this is my favorite night of the year when it comes to West Hall.  Thanks to these amazing girls who pulled it off once again!

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