Posted by: deerharas | April 25, 2006


Hmm … lots of things to post about:

1) I officially started “Body for Life.”  I hadn’t seen my friend Kristalyn since before Christmas, and when I saw her at a birthday party in March, I was amazed by how great she looked.  She started BFL in January, and less than two months later had made a total transformation.  Since then after reading several of her MySpace blogs and seeing her before and after pictures, I felt two things.  First of all, I felt like a complete slug.  At this point last year, I was in the best shape I had been in since high school.  I had consistantly lost weight since second semester of my senior year in college, and I was running three or four times a week.  However, since about this time last year I have not worked out near as consistantly, and since about Thanksgiving I have been gaining weight pretty consistantly.  The Suites food court is not my friend.  Second of all, I felt totally inspired.  The good thing about BFL is that its focus is on health, not necessarily weight loss.  Kristalyn has made several positive changes in her life and not just physically.  I have nutured the bad habits long enough.  It’s time to build some good habits while I’m young enough to enjoy their fruits.  Anyway, Sunday was day one of an 83 day challenge … 12 weeks … doable, right?  I think so.  The good thing is that I am allowed one free day a week where I can eat whatever I want.  I won’t bore you with all of the details, although I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it as the weeks go on.

2) I have found a new favorite band.  They are G. Love and Special Sauce, and they are coming to Tulsa May 28th!  I knew of them a little from the soundtrack to Jack Johnson’s film “Thicker than Water,” but after listening to their greatest hits, I am totally hooked.  Jack was on Austin City Limits Thursday, and G. Love came out to accompany him on harmonica at one point.  I believe the harmonica is one of my fave instruments … along with the mandolin and cello.  My grandmother plays the harmonica, and she’s pretty amazing.  She can play anything by ear.  She’s going to play “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” at my wedding someday.  Anyway, their music has a lot of harmonica … a definite plus.  Oh, and on that same Austin City Limits, Rilo Kiley performed as well.  I was looking at the main guy and knew I had seen him somewhere before, and after wikipedia-ing the band, I found out he used to be on Salute Your Shorts!  Crack me up.  Not only that, but Jenny Lewis (who oddly enough also sings in The Postal Service) had a childhood run in acting.  She was Hannah in Troop Beverly Hills!  Oh my word, I loved that movie as a child.  I had it recorded off of TV and would watch it at least once every week.  “We’re the troop from Beverly Hills … Shopping is our greatest skill!”

3) It’s a  … CHI!

That’s right, I am the new proud owner of a brand new limited edition blue CHI hair straightener.  And it even came with some free product.  Some of you probably think I am a freak for writing or caring so much about something as silly as a straightener.  All I can say is, if you’ve ever used a CHI, you understand.  I mean really … the first day I was without it, about fifteen people with confused looks asked me “Did you do something different with your hair?”  And not in a good way.  The poufiness was out of control.  So tomorrow, all will be well again.  I appreciate all of your condolences for CHI #1.  Now let’s welcome CHI #2 to the world!

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