Posted by: deerharas | April 30, 2006


I wonder how many posts out there start with “I should be studying …”  For the first time in four semesters I actually have a final tomorrow.  Open book, open note … am I really in grad school?  I think I’m about to go to bed, though, because I am exhausted from running 7.6 miles today in the OKC Memorial Marathon relay.  Man, I love that race.  More to come (hopefully including pictures).

Tonight I am officially soliciting votes for an online contest my cousin entered a few weeks ago.  Basically, the San Antonio Spurs website asked fans to send in their most spirited pictures, which she did, and now they put it up on their website!  If she gets the most votes for most spirited pic, she wins a $100 gift certificate to Academy, not to mention the bragging rights associated with winning the contest.  Here’s the picture you should vote for:

Yes, that is the sign that I made, not to mention the shoe that I witnessed Tony throw to her.  If you want the whole story, you can read my post at

Anyway, go vote for her!  ( )I’m pretty sure you can vote multiple times up until Friday.  Thanks, guys!

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