Posted by: deerharas | May 5, 2006


Taking a break from move outs …

Actually, my job this week isn’t near as hard as that of my RAs’ … that is until this weekend when I do damage assessment.  Not so much looking forward to the inevitable resulting angry phonecalls. 

Let’s see, I have been neglecting Xanga these days.  Last Sunday was the Memorial Marathon relay.  I made it four miles before I had to walk, which is pretty dang good considering my lack of training.  One of my RAs ran on my relay team which was fun.  I think it inspired her to train for the whole thing next year.  If anyone can do it, she certainly can – Little Miss Discipline.  My leg consisted of running from Wilshire and Britton all the way to Lake Hefner and around a portion of the lake.  God bless Stacey for keeping my mind occupied with all her “landmark” chat.  Oh, and the random signs around the lake, one of which being, “What’s your favorite Seinfeld episode?”  Stacey’s was the one with the close talker and mine was the one in which George poses as a marine biologist.  That took up at least 5 minutes.  Anyway, I was really pleased with the run and the whole day in general.  I actually feel inspired to start running regularly again.  The next step is a Half Marathon that Stacey and I hope to run in California … the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half … live music at every mile! 

So I signed up a while back for Cain’s Ballroom to send me emails announcing what bands are playing there.  Awhile back I learned that Eisley was playing May 3rd, but I didn’t think a whole lot about it.  I knew one of their songs from 91 FM and  knew my friend Sydnie loved them, but that was about it.  On Wednesday morning, I heard “Marvelous Things” on the radio and remembered how much I liked the song, so I called Sydnie to see if she wanted to go.  She was going to think about it and get back to me, which just allowed me to look forward to it more, so when she told me she didn’t think she could go, I was a little disappointed.  Randomly enough, one of my RAs was up for it, so we had a little impromptu road trip … fun get-to-know-you-more time with Anna. 

The first opening band was okay, the second band was not so okay, and Eisley was excellent!  I recognized more songs than I thought I would.  To me they sound a little like Sixpence None the Richer, but maybe with a little more edge.  The band consists of four siblings and a friend; all play instruments and two of the sisters sing … beautiful pure harmony.  Poor Anna, she stood right beside these two guys blatantly smoking pot, basically blowing it all over her.  I mean, I know it’s Cain’s, but at an Eisley concert?  Oh, and my new favorite song is “Trolley Wood” … the last song of the night.  It sounded incredibly familiar, and then I realized that Sydnie sang it with a friend at a coffee shop in Bricktown awhile back. 

So I am in the process of making another Lost convert.  I went over to Todd and Jeanna’s to watch Survivor last night, and Todd surprised me with the latest issue of “Men’s Health.”  Who is on the cover smirking that ever so seductive smirk?  Sawyer!  (aka Josh Holloway)  I am in no way one of those girls that obsesses over famous actors or musicians.  Okay, I was a little obsessed with John Travolta in late middle school/early high school, and okay, I did write a letter to Jordan and Joey from New Kids on the Block, but other than that, I am totally obsession free!  I don’t know what it is about Sawyer, though.  I say Sawyer and not Josh, because I’m conviced it’s the character and not the actor I have a thing for.  Anyway, after perusing the magazine, I convinced Todd to start working through season one … thank you Randy’s M&Ms free non-new release movie Thursdays!  Ugh, I recently found out that season two doesn’t come out on DVD until October 3rd, which means I will have to record the beginning of season three to watch after I have watched the second season.  So complicated.

Well, five o’clock has rolled around.  Time to go get Ted’s for closedown dinner!

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