Posted by: deerharas | May 22, 2006


As promised, here are the bests and worsts of May-cation.

  • BEST: Getting to watch two Survivor episodes with my mom, including the finale.
  • WORST: Missing watching Survivor with Todd & Jeanna, the fact that they had a “cliffhanger” on Thursday, and that Aras and not Terry won.
  • BEST: Actually getting some exercise while on vacation … running at Nelson Park.
  • WORST: Sucking at running because I’m not used to doing it in the heat.
  • BEST: Weekday lunch with my mom.
  • BEST: Getting a Franklin Middle School t-shirt for my brother (the same shirt that I wore when I was in middle school) at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store for $1.00.
  • BEST: Buying a $.50 pair of running shorts, a $5.00 pair of Polo jeans in excellent condition, and a $1.50 “Don’t Mess with Texas” t-shirt from Goodwill.  I plan to wear my shirt all over Oklahoma.
  • BEST: Having a Body for Life free day in Abilene … yeah for Blizzards, China Star and Rick & Carolyn’s Burgers and Fries.
  • WORST: Giving myself extended free days and the resulting weight gain-age.  Hey, it was vacation.
  • BEST: A surprise visit from my favorite aunt and namesake.
  • BEST: Getting to visit my grandparents and uncle.  With his ALS, it’s gotten almost impossible to communicate with my grandfather, but we all had some quality time together watching the Spurs play.
  • WORST: The Mavs winning an incredibly close Game 3.
  • BEST: Mother’s Day … although my present didn’t get there in time, we had a great time watching The Best of Designing Women on Monday.
  • BEST/WORST: Quality time with my dad watching Game 4 … but then again, the Spurs lost.
  • BEST: Much needed unlimited talk sessions with Stacey in Houston.
  • BEST: Getting a guy’s perspective on some confusing situations.  That’s what friends’ husbands are good for.
  • WORST: The price of gas in Houston.
  • BEST: My future flower girl (no, I’m not engaged) Molly!  Oh my word, I love that girl.  She has made me actually believe I will love my own children someday.  I visited her when she was a few weeks old, then a few months old, at 12 months and again at 13, but this time, this little sixteen month old girl and I bonded.  She even said my name once … Rah-rah … I’m not yet as popular as Mo-mo (Elmo).  I have never met a better behaved child with as much personality as her.  I love Molly!

  • BEST: Visiting The Woodlands, walking around the plaza area, and playing with Molly in the fountain.
  • BEST: The Spurs winning Game 5!  Yeah, that’s what I did while Stacey and Randy watched Lost.
  • BEST: Making a day trip to Galveston with my family of friends.  Fun beach times. 
  • BEST: The Spurs winning Game 6!  Um, it’s really bizarre that I care at all … I am definitely not a basketball person.  I played in 7th grade and was on the C-team.  I can’t help it though; Jayme’s got me hooked!  I feel like the players and I are friends … they all have such great personality.  I actually listened to Game 6 on the radio driving back from Houston.  What is wrong with me?

I can’t complain … way more bests than worsts … a great May-cation.


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