Posted by: deerharas | June 23, 2006


So I just got off the phone with an old and dear friend who happens to live in Austin, Texas.  In the course of our conversation she casually questioned, “Are you going to Austin City Limits this year?” which of course made me laugh.  About a month ago I looked up who was going to be playing the festival, and my heart began to ache with jealousy over the thousands of people who will be there without me to see all sorts of amazing musicians.  Of course, tickets are expensive, but that isn’t my biggest obstacle in going.  My biggest obstacle is the fact that I have to practically bribe my friends to go to concerts with me.  I would love to go to ACL, but there’s no way I could afford to pay for someone else to go just so I could have a festival buddy.  So when dear old friend mentioned that she was about to buy her ticket, my heart was no longer jealous, but brightened.  Now it’s by no means a for sure thing … we’ll see how expensive it’s going to be to fix my brakes, but man, I sure hope it works out.  And if it does …


Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals (a must see in order that I may live a fulfilled life)

Guster (How do more people not know about them?)

G. Love and Special Sauce (already seen and loved … oh, the harmonica)

The Rocket Summer (Thank you 91 FM for introducing me to him … sad day you are no more.)


The above are all faves and ones I’m most excited about, but I also can’t wait to see:

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (So it’s a little weird that he was like the NBA musician of the year, but you gotta love I Won’t Back Down.)

Van Morrison (Thank you dear old friend for pulling me beyond Brown Eyed Girl … ahhh, Sweet Thing)

Willie Nelson (Used to hate ’em, now I love ’em.  My mom actually went to a Willie Nelson concert!)

The Flaming Lips (Mmm … vaseline on toast.  I took a picture with Wayne Coyne at the Coldplay concert!)       

The Shins (excited to hear more from … they did make a guest appearance on Gilmore Girls)

Iron & Wine (soothing to the soul)

Aimee Mann (I heart girl singers with low voices)

The New Pornographers (interesting name … again heard of them first on GG … love The Laws Have Changed)

Nada Surf (I’ve only heard their cover of If You Leave, but they seem to have a great sound.)


Plus a plethora of others I know I’m bound to love.  Here’s hoping!

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