Posted by: deerharas | July 2, 2006


Last Sunday night began a new small group for 20 something singles at my church.  The Singles Minister and his wife are opening up their home for a more intimate, discussion oriented FLOCK, which I have been looking forward to for awhile now.  Sunday was a basic introduction to the materials and atmosphere of the group with some get to know you stuff thrown in.  One of the questions Craig asked each of us is what we would like to see come out of the next six weeks …  our intentions for being there.  There were several typical answers (mine included) such as growth, a closer relationship to God, the chance to go to “Sunday School” at night and in someone’s home, but one answer kind of stayed with me.  Craig’s wife said that instead of telling God, or us for that matter, what she felt she wanted/needed from this study, she just wanted to be open to whatever God had in store.  She felt that you couldn’t really go wrong in joining a small group Bible study, because no matter how good or bad we think it is, God transcends it and can accomplish his desires even in spite of poor materials. 

So from all of that I came away with the word “open.”  And here a week later, it’s kind of stuck with me.  I’m not sure I’ve ever really intentionally prayed to be open.  Soon after last Sunday, I got some lyrics stuck in my head … something like “I wanna be open, I wanna be humble” but that was all I had.  I thought maybe it was a song I heard on Air 1 (because although they play music a little more suited to my preference than K-Love, they’re way lacking in variety … it’s nothing to hear the same song five or six times a day, but that’s radio for ya) but wasn’t really sure.  Friday as I was about to put on my Workout Mix playlist and do my BFL cardio, it occurred to me that the song I had been thinking of might be on the new Caedmon’s Call album. 

Now I must say that their latest album is certainly not my favorite of theirs.  I still love Caedmon’s Call … I have for ten years.  They have been innovators and educators; they are thoughtful and intelligent.  I appreciate their vision displayed so artfully in their music.  I worshipped alongside “In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship” and was excited to hear of the release of their second worship album.  And while every other album of theirs to me has been an easy listen, this one is more of a struggle.  It sounds a bit more commercial/radio friendly than when say they had another band member writing for and performing with them (cough … Derek Webb).  Anyway, all that to say that I only really played the album a few times, mainly in the background while doing other things.  One or two of the songs I remembered, but that was about it.  So on Friday, when it occurred to me that the song I had been humming two lines of for the past week might be on the new CC CD, it took me listening to 45 seconds of each song until I finally found the one I was looking for. 

Let me be openLet me be humbleLet me find the joy of my salvation in Your crossLet me be brokenWhenever I stumbleLet me remember the great mercy of my GodSo I am making that my simple prayer.  Here’s hoping it’s on the set list tonight so I can pray it alongside Cliff and Danielle.

*** EDIT ***

Alas no “Let Me Be,” but I did take this pic!

*** EDIT # 2 ***

Okay, so really the highlight of my night was running into my super smart OBU friend, Emily.  First semester of Civ, I sat in the back with my friends … made a B.  Second semester, I sat in the front by Emily … made an A.  That’s not to insinuate that I cheated; it’s to say that once I surrounded myself with Emily’s brilliant company, my motivation to study and participate in class drastically improved.  That girl got me through Greek 3 & 4, not to mention Greek Readings.  So anyway, I totally lost touch with her after graduation, and since then I have thought several times how I wished I could contact her.  She’s been halfway around the world in Thailand working on her masters’ in linguistics, but she is home for the summer and just happened to be at Caedmon’s Call tonight.  I wouldn’t have even noticed her had Sydnie not said, “Hey, didn’t that girl go to OBU?”  Anyway, yeah for reuniting with old friends.


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