Posted by: deerharas | August 17, 2006


Wow … so over a month since my last real post.  I don’t count lyrics as posts, and for the most part try to avoid quoting whole songs because I’m pretty sure people don’t ever read the whole thing.  “Invade” was more of a prayer for the opening of my building, but I digress.

I feel like there have been several blog worthy events over the past month, so I will now offer up an illustrated synopsis of said events.

In mid July I got to see Rob Bell speak at the Diamond Ballroom.  Ha.  Why they would ever schedule such an event at such a venue, I have no idea.  First of all, they sold about 1000 tickets, but yet had maybe 800 chairs.  Second of all, there was no air conditioning.  None.  Hence the gross sweaty picture below.  About a third of the way into it, Rob asked the back of the room if they could hear him, and the angry mob shouted no.  After which, he pulled people up to sit on stage and in the aisles.  Other than the heat and sound, it was a completely worthwhile event.  I have since watched several more of the Nooma videos and started reading “Velvet Elvis” … another book I want Tracy to read … a lot to resonate with.

A few weeks later, I had the pleasure of my cousin’s company for an entire week.  The girl had never been to a “real” concert, and after a difficult ordeal, I finally got us Fray tickets on Ebay.  Now we thought since it was a general admission concert, we’d get there a couple hours early so that we could get a good spot on the floor.  However, when we drove by Cain’s maybe three hours before doors opened, there were already maybe forty people that looked like they had been there since early that morning.  We’re talking big umbrellas and coolers … wow.  Anyway, we ate dinner, got there an hour later and there were probably 200 people in front of us.  Fifteen minutes later there were 200 more behind us.  Not fun sitting outside for an hour and a half in the Tulsa heat, not fun I tell you!  Well, we finally get in and stake our claim on the floor maybe about ten rows back.  And then it gets crowded.  I usually don’t mind crowded concerts, but these were fans of The Fray … translation: girls in their early to mid teens.  And tall ones at that.  Okay, enough of the negatives.  I’m usually not impressed with opening bands, but Augustana was anything but disappointing.  The Fray was fun as well, but the best part was getting to experience Jayme’s first “real” concert with her.  Here’s the cute and trendy pre concert pic, along with the gross and sweaty encore concert pic for your comparing and contrasting pleasure.


The week after my cousin left, the RAs arrived.  This year’s group is just phenomenal, and not just my staff.  This was my favorite training yet, even despite my complete and total exhaustion by the end of it all.  The night before move in I took a  power nap from 7:00 AM to 7:20 AM.  Anyway, move in has gone smoothly, and I love my staff more than ever.  I had to replace one RA that quit at the beginning of the summer and another that quit the day they were supposed to move in, but my new girls are fabulous, and I don’t think we’ve ever had a better staff dynamic.  Anyway, here’s a pic of my beautiful girlies (and yes, that is a bird on my shirt).

Driving back from the RA training retreat, I got an interesting call from my good friend Sydnie.  She wanted me to come over and hang out that night, but was insistant that I call her if I wasn’t coming so that she would know how many people to expect.  I flat out asked her if she was engaged, but she said she wasn’t.  Later, however, when I was late getting over there, she called to make sure I was still coming, saying, “I really want you to come over!”  So I finally make it over, and lo and behold my friend has a ring on her finger!  And I’m the first friend in the bridesmaid line up.  (Sister and and future sister in law come first.) 

Welp, I believe that about sums up the past month or so.  I refuse to believe that Xanga is dead, although it rarely shows any sign of life.  I really do this more for myself anyway.  I’m glad to be back!

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