Posted by: deerharas | September 9, 2006


It’s about time for a new one of these …

Obviously there hasn’t been a lot of Xanga worthy material over the past couple weeks.  I did go to a concert last night, so I suppose I’ll blog about that.

I fell in love with Andrew Peterson my senior year in high school after hearing “Nothing to Say” on the radio.  His lyrics are incredibly well crafted … creative and intelligent.  I especially wanted to see him in concert after seeing one of his “available at concerts only” t-shirts with simple stick figures playing guitars over the caption, “Andrew Peterson is my friend.”  I’ve checked his tour schedule several times, but he never seems to play in Oklahoma or anywhere within driving distance. 

However, Thursday night he did a show in Augusta, KS, and after seven years as a concert-less fan, I was determined to go.  Like I have said before, I usually have to drag people to concerts with me … and that’s even for local concerts.  For this particular concert I had the daunting task of convincing someone to go two and a half hours away to see someone he or she more than likely had never heard of.  It didn’t really matter to me, though, because companion or not, I was gonna see Andrew Peterson.

Well … this concert happened to be a joint show with another favorite artist, Jill Phillips.  Both are a part of “The Square Peg Alliance” which is basically a group of musicians who don’t fit the mold of most contemporary Christian artists.  Their songs don’t get the radio play; they aren’t very well known.  However, their art is quality, and their alliance is a way to support one another.  Also a part of “Square Peg” are a few of my other faves … Randall Goodgame, Sandra McCraken, and Derek Webb.  Jill caught my attention with “Steel Bars” awhile back, and I have since bought every album of hers sound unheard.  Her latest wasn’t my favorite upon first listen, but over the past few weeks, its depth and honesty have changed my mind.  One song in particular stuck out to me, a song about timing.  The truth of the chorus is haunting.  “But You’re always right on time, with an open hand.  You have exactly what I need, daily bread.”  I am such a nerd; I sent her a MySpace message asking her to play it at the concert.

I found a friend willing to make the trip with me.  However, he didn’t get off work until 5:00 and then had to drive back up to Edmond from downtown OKC … all that to say that we were about forty minutes late.  So we’re walking into the concert venue (aka the FBC Augusta gym) right as Andy Gullahorn (Jill’s husband) is finishing up a song.  As we are finding seats, Jill gets up and begins to lead into her next song, saying something about provision.  And I’m thinking how fiting it is that she is about to sing a song about God’s perfect timing that I would have completely missed had I arrived five minutes later. 

I definitely feel the experience was worth the trip.  It felt too short, although I’m sure that has to do with the late factor.  We hung around afterwards to take some pics with AP/JP, which are infinitely better than autographs in my opinion.

 IMG_1132_1_1 IMG_1131_1_1

I got to thank Jill for playing my song, and funny thing, before we got there she had asked the audience if anyone had sent her a MySpace message and got a bunch of blank stares.  Sadly enough, there are no more “Andrew Peterson is my friend” t-shirts, although he said he was reprinting them except in Swedish.  Fun night.

In other concert news … ACL plans fell through and I sold my ticket this week.  I probably should just wait to write about musical events until after they happen, but that’s really not as fun.  Anyway, I am probably/hopefully going to see The Flaming Lips now at their OKC concert next week.  Then the next week is Guster in Tulsa and Derek Webb in Stillwater.  Yay.

No concerts this weekend, though.  Just 64 hours of being on call.  Yay.


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