Posted by: deerharas | October 10, 2006


Last week as I was walking across campus, I saw one of my residents walking into the library.  Her name is Hayley, and I began to think about how many Hayley/Hailey/Halie/Haylees there are in the world … it’s a very popular name.  Then I thought about how I would probably never name one of my children Hayley or really any name that ends in a long “e.”  Then I thought about how I might want to keep these thoughts to myself, considering their potential for offense … I mean with all the Hayleys out there in the world.  This made me think about the singles minister at my church whose daughter’s name is Hayley which in turn reminded me of a comment he recently made about having children.  He said that he and his wife’s motto is to never be outnumbered, hence their two kids.  Then I began to think about children and how it is that couples come to an agreement on how many kids to have.  What if one wants more than the other?  What if a husband only wanted two kids, but a wife wanted four?  What if, after agreeing on two kids, the wife accidentally gets pregnant again?  The husband, knowing that his wife wanted more kids, might wonder if it was really an accident.  And if it was, the wife can’t help but wonder if her husband mistrusts her.


And then a song lyric popped into my head.  “Put your mistrust so far behind.”  No idea what song it was from, but I could sing it nonetheless.  I seriously don’t know what people did before Google, but after searching the phrase, I was taken to a site about misheard song lyrics.  The song I was searching for is Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and the correct lyric is “Mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind.”  I happen to like my version better.


On a ski trip in high school, my van listened to the Toto song “Africa” over and over and over (it became our theme song) and it took us awhile to decipher the chorus.  Was it, “I guess it rains down in Africa,” or perhaps, “There are no trains down in Africa,” or even better, “Varicose veins down in Africa”?  (The actual line, or so I’ve been told, is “I bless the rains down in Africa.”)  Then there’s the story of my friend who liked to sing in the shower as a child (Um, and who didn’t?  My favorite shower song as a child was the fast version of “Glory of Love” from Beaches).  She was a little confused on the Batman theme song and sang from the top of her lungs “duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, BASTARD!”  That was until her dad banged on the bathroom door, questioning her vocal stylings.


So here’s the question (and a little test to see how dead Xanga really is): What’s one lyric you have been sorely mistaken on? 

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