Posted by: deerharas | April 15, 2007


Someday, when I no longer live in Oklahoma, I will miss weekends like this. 


A fellow church in OKC was holding a free arts conference this weekend with a concert/conversation Friday night, workshops Saturday afternoon, and another concert/conversation Saturday night.  Derek Webb happened to be Friday night’s headliner.  Let’s see … I’ve seen him play eight times now?   He played a couple songs from his new album coming out May 1st … I was pretty proud of myself when I caught the allusion to Ben Harper’s latest album (whom I’m going to see June 7th!!!) in “I Don’t Want to Fight.”  The whole album is about peace, and in true Derek Webb fashion, he speaks to his own failings in that area.  The alluding line went something like, “I’m facing enemies on both sides of the gun.”  I don’t know, was that phrase popular before Ben Harper? 


After dress shopping for Strangers in the Night (oh, just you wait) I went over to my Ben-friend’s parents’ house for a fish fry.  Ben and his dad had gone fishing that morning, and I was invited over to sample the spoils of their victory.  I’m not usually a huge fish fan, but I must say that I really enjoyed my little piece of striped bass!  I felt very “Oklahoman” eating fish that was just caught that morning by people I actually knew.  Now I realize that fishing is not unique to Oklahoma, but it still somehow felt like a local cultural experience. 



Now today’s main event was inarguably Oklahoman.  For the third year in a row, I ran in the Redbud Classic.  Opting for the 10K this year, I ran alongside my desk clerk for the first three miles until I convinced her that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she wanted to run on ahead of me.  I may be able to run far, but I make no boasts when it comes to speed.  I was actually pretty proud of my pace … 6.2 miles at 10:20 minutes/mile.  I came in 313th out of the 513 women participating, and I still came in before over a hundred of the 600+ males than ran.  In two weeks I’m supposed to run 13.1 miles alongside my trusty friend Stacey in the OKC Memorial Marathon.  Are we ready?  Let’s just say I’m pretty sure my pace will not be a 10:20. 

Hmm, this might have been a more interesting post were it illustrated.  I’ll see what I can do for Strangers in the Night …

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