Posted by: deerharas | July 30, 2007

Someday when I’m a professor …

I recently discovered a rather obscure television channel airing Designing Women reruns each day at 6:00 and 6:30.  While I haven’t had much time to watch TV lately, over the past week or so I’ve caught a few episodes, much to my delight.  I have such great memories of watching the show with my mom and quoting its best lines with my friend Tracy.  (“And that, Marjorie, just so you will know, and your children will someday know, is the night, the lights, went out, in GEORGIA!”)  For some reason, DW has not been released in entire season DVD sets.  Alf, they think we need on DVD, but not Designing Women.  So, episodes in syndication are a special treat for me, because I can’t watch them any time I want.

Tonight aired one of my very favorite episodes called “How Great Thou Art.”  One of the things I love best about the show is its propensity for addressing social issues such as world hunger, AIDS, and in this particular episode, women in ministry.  One of the characters, Charlene, comes to find out through her attendence of a multi-denominational church conference that her Southern Baptist minister had some pretty strong views about the role of women within the church.  She invites him over for dinner with her coworkers as well as Bernice, an elderly friend with a self proclaimed “arterial flow problem.”  The after dinner conversation begins as a battle of the proof-texts between Reverand Nunn and Bernice, who learned much of her theology from her minister father.  However, Bernice soon brings up issues of historical context and problems within the KJV translation concerning women.  The last time I saw this episode I thought to myself, “Someday, when I am a professor, I will use this clip to spark conversation amongst my students.” 

Now while I by no means have all my beliefs worked out concerning the role of women within the church, I do think some things like Sheri Klouda’s departure from Southwestern Seminary are just ridiculous, and heartbreaking for that matter.  In seeking grad school/seminary advice from my college professors, a resounding encouragement I get is to seek out schools that support women in their educational pursuits as well as future career goals.  My desire is to let Scripture — throroughly studied and hermeneutically applied — speak and not tradition, modern day culture, or my own personal preference.  Quite a task there.

So obviously, blogging has been on the back burner for awhile.  Preparing for Saturdate took a lot of my time and energy, but now that it’s over I want to return to my love of blogs!  Too bad RA training begins tomorrow, and along with it the craziest month of the year for me.  I’ll just have to make the time … I have thoughts … and I want to share.  I started a blog the other night, but it started to get crazy long, so I’ve decided to break it up and make a series.  So get ready there, my friends.  Soon comes Sarah’s series entitled, “The Kingdom of God.”

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