Posted by: deerharas | October 15, 2007

26(.2) Miles in My 26th Year

Every month my RAs have to make a bulletin board for their hall on different assigned topics such as health and safety, diversity, academics, etc.  Last month one of my girls did hers on Goal Setting and Values and displayed the following quote on her board: “The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.”  About six months ago a little dream popped up for me.  I’ve told a few people but haven’t made it that public.  My worry is that I will back out and then have to face all the people that I so enthusiastically shared with in the first place.  I have recently decided, however, that my dream is worth my time and effort.  It’s time to turn my dream into a goal … and a catchy one at that.

On March 15th, I will turn 26 years old.  And on April 27th, I will run 26(.2) miles. 

One of my favorite things about living in the OKC area is the Memorial Marathon.  Three years ago some friends and I made a relay team with me running the final 10K leg.  Two years ago my best friend and I made two relay teams so that we could run the middle 12K leg alongside one another.  Last year I coordinated several relay teams from West Hall and ended up running the half marathon alongside one of my residents.  I had fallen a little behind in my training, so I only got to 10 miles before I had to walk/run the last 3.1.  As I was running that day, however, I couldn’t help but think that were I to put forth the time and effort to really train, that I could totally run a full marathon the following year.

I have no aspirations of becoming a “marathoner.”  Marathons are incredibly hard on your body, and I’ve heard that most of the benefits you get from running are capped out at about 13 miles.  However, just like I jumped out of a plane once and probably never will again, I really want to run one marathon just for the experience and sense of accomplishment.  Considering this is more than likely my last year in Oklahoma, and that the full marathon is the natural next step in my running progression, I think April 27th is the day.

So I have second goal in conjunction with my new marathon goal.  Goal #2 is to be in the kind of shape that were I to run in a sports bra, I would feel no shame.  The other day I went out to run in warmer weather, and when I inadvertantly lifted up my shirt a little, the cool air blowing against my stomach was heavenly.  I consider myself a modest person, but I figure if there is ever an appropriate time to be seen in a sports bra sans shirt, running a marathon would have to be it. 

Well, there it is.  My dream turned goal(s) via a blog.  Today’s weather is super runner friendly, so I’m off to take advantage.


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