Posted by: deerharas | October 25, 2007


I’m not sure I’ve ever had a day quite like yesterday.  Initially I would have called it just a really good day.  However, upon closer inspection I realized that yesterday was a sort of microcosm of my life … a collision of past, present, and future. 


Yesterday afternoon I visited an old college professor to discuss my future educational plans/goals.  I came armed with my list of questions, thankful for someone with whom I could be honest and transparent about my insecurities and fears.  Said professor gave me an hour of his time, and while I went in somewhat unsure and intimidated by the whole grad school process, I left much more confident and enthusiastic about what the next few years hold.  I am excited about possibly moving to a completely different part of the country, for all the newness around the corner.  I realize lately more and more the fullness of time in regard to this pursuit.  I have said it before, but my heart aches to be back in the classroom.  Much to my delight, I will have that opportunity this next week as I visit my cousin at Wheaton and sit in on fun classes like Principles of Interpretation, Hebrew Exegesis of Haggai/Malachi, and Greek Exegesis of Romans.  Making Chi-town plans with Jayme (including two concerts … yay) yesterday on the drive back from Shawnee only intensified my excitement about not only the next few days, but even more so the next few years. 



After my meeting with Dr. Kelly, I got the chance to be nostalgic.  On my way out of Owens I ran into two more old professors and got to chat for a few minutes.  I walked the halls of WMU, stopping to talk with some of the current RAs.  I visited my old room with its arch window overlooking the oval, and therefore fountain.  I walked through the basement and thought about the sometimes out of the way trips to visit Stacey and then Sydnie on the opposite end of the hall if I didn’t have time for a lengthy visit with Ray, the night security guard.  Walking out of WMU, I remembered the view from my room my freshman year of the sun setting behind Raley Chapel.  I walked through the GC and saw the infamous stairs that led to a broken ankle and six of the hardest weeks of my life.  I ate dinner with my old college roommate at a classic Shawnee joint, and even ran into the parents-in-law of an old friend whose wedding I was in nearly six years ago.  And while I have some good memories, I have some regrets as well.  I didn’t always make the most of college in terms of relationships or class work.  I am a different person now than I was then, which leads me to the present.



Because of dinner with Katie, I made it back to Edmond a little late for church, but in plenty of time for FLOCK prayer.  For awhile now, several people in our small group have felt a need/desire to pray together more often, more than just at meals or before/after a lesson.  We do a pretty good job of devoting ourselves to the apostle’s teaching, the breaking of bread, and to fellowship, but in prayer we could definitely do better.  (Acts 2:42)  So we have begun to meet together after church on Wednesday nights.  Prayer could be its own separate post, but I will say that I am just beginning to learn and see its power and effects.  I am incredibly blessed to pray alongside such amazing people who love and care for our small group and want to see God glorified in all the world.  Anyway, prayer was followed by an intense workout session with my own personal trainer and new friend, Yuli.  She is anxious to put her kinesiology knowledge to use, and I am a more than willing guinea pig!  I’m having just a bit of a hard time walking today after my forty lunges with weights, followed by the question, “Okay, can you do twenty more?”  Um, okay.  It is these things, these relationships and myriad of other opportunities God has brought into my life this semester that leave me amazed.


Yesterday I realized that I am blessed to have great memories, but glad not to be the same person today that I was then.  I am content with my life now, deeply satisfied and pleased even.  However, I look forward to the future with a joyful anticipation and excitement, albeit a little nervousness.  So I am thankful for my past, present, and future.  And I am thankful for yesterday and its collision of eras that prompted this reflection. 

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