Posted by: deerharas | January 14, 2008

Political, Not Partisan

I love  Today I was looking for a book for my dad’s birthday, and another book popped out at me from the “new for you” section.  Based on past purchases and books viewed on its site, Amazon really thinks I would like the new Tony Campolo book, “Red Letter Christians: A Citizen’s Guide to Faith and Politics.”  And I  think I will like it as well, because I sure enough bought it along with the book for my dad.

Although I voted in the past two presidential elections, I haven’t cared much about politics in the past.  However, these days several influencing factors have steered me in a different direction … conversations with my dad, West Wing DVDs, Derek Webb lyrics as well as a couple of books to name a few.  Perhaps in the coming months I will blog a bit more about political issues.  But for now, I will leave you with an excerpt from an article I read the other day that beautifully sums up what I think Christians should be about politically.

“The biblical prophets tell us that God judges societies not by their gross national product, their military strength, or their cultural dominance, but by their justice and righteousness – especially how they treat the weak and vulnerable.  There are multiple threats to human life and dignity that suggest a new moral agenda that could bring us together.  Some of the elements of that new agenda could be:


  • Overcoming extreme global poverty and disease, as well as unnecessary poverty at home
  • Finding a better path to national and global security
  • Advancing a consistent ethic of the sanctity of human life
  • Healing the wounds of racism and sexism
  • Ending human trafficking and promoting human rights
  • Strengthening marriage and families
  • Renewing the moral fabric of our culture
  • Protecting God’s creation

… As for politics in an election year, the U.S. Catholic bishops have some good advice for us.  They counsel Christians to be political but not partisan, principled but not ideological, clear but also civil, and engaged but not used.”


Jim Wallis – “A Real ‘Values’ Agenda” from Sojourners


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