Posted by: deerharas | September 30, 2008

Penny Questions

There’s a game I like to play.  It’s actually more of an opportunity for me to flaunt my sometimes obscure musical knowledge.  It works like this: whenever I’m with someone and a song is playing in the background and I think there’s a good chance he or she doesn’t know it, I say, “I’ll give you a penny if you can tell me who sings this.”  The penny is brilliant, really.  The game is fun because of the wager (as insignificant as it is), but should my friend actually know the song, I’m only out a penny.  Sometimes I’m surprised, but for the most part, I haven’t given out many pennies.

I recently started working for a family as nanny/errand runner, and this afternoon I was having a snack with one of the boys. There happens to be an iPod dock conveniently located in their kitchen, of which I frequently make use.  Today I had my iPod on shuffle, and we’d already heard from Tom Petty, Ben Harper, even Toto, when a “penny question” song came on.  Considering that the song playing was way before his time, I told Bill I would give him a penny if he could “name that band.”  He smiled his smirky little ten year old smile and told me matter of factly, “The Beatles.  And I know the song, too.  With A Little Help From My Friends.  And I know the album.  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  To which I replied, “Wow, Bill.  I owe you a penny.”  More like three.

Now there’s a kid that’s being raised right!



  1. I would lose that game. Sometimes I don’t even know the names to Shawn’s songs! ugh! I’d be owing you DOLLARS in no time

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