Posted by: deerharas | March 12, 2009

Mark your calendars!

For years I have been waiting for a certain television show to come out on DVD.  It seems like every show imaginable (case in point: Alf) has its own DVD set, but for some reason or another, Designing Women has yet to come on the scene.  The delay supposedly has something to do with music rights, as the show made liberal use of all kinds of tunes, especially Motown hits.  Well, much to my delight, I received an email this morning informing me that in just a couple months I will be able to bring Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo and Charlene home to live with me forever!  Season 1 releases on May 26th, and I could not be more excited.  The writing is incredibly clever, right up there with Gilmore Girls.  🙂  And unlike any other show I’ve seen, Designing Women addresses tough and timely issues like AIDS and domestic abuse with sensitivity and intelligence.

So, to celebrate the show’s upcoming release, I leave you with a few of my favorite clips.  Enjoy!

The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia:

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough:

Battle of the Sexes:

Marry Me, Bill:

High School Reunion:


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