Posted by: deerharas | April 1, 2009

Indiana, here I come!

Well, I just made an impulsive decision.  On Thursday I’m planning to drive four hours to (not to mention the four hours back from) a city I’ve never been to – heck, a state I’ve never been to – all for the purpose of preparing my heart for Easter.  I’ve been debating for weeks the practicality of such a trip but finally decided that the pros outweigh the cons.  The closest stop on Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters tour is Terre Haute, Indiana, and I just bought my ticket.

This isn’t the first time I’ve crossed state lines for an Andrew Peterson show.  I had been keeping a close eye on his tour schedule for years, but he never seemed to play shows anywhere near me.  However, a couple years ago he toured just outside Wichita, KS, and at just a couple hours away from me, I was not going to miss it.  I was willing and prepared to go by myself but at the last minute convinced a friend to come along (on a school night, no less).  And even though we were an hour or so late, it is still one of my favorite concert memories.  (You can read about it and see pics here … yeah, that’s me with blonde hair.)

Part of the lure of the Kansas concert was the shared stage between Andrew and another favorite of mine, Jill Phillips.  So when I received an email today saying that Jill was also playing on Thursday, that was pretty much the clincher.  So … anyone  up for a show?  Here’s a little foretaste to lure you in.  🙂  All of this to say that I am incredibly excited to worship alongside Andrew and Jill and celebrate the risen Christ.  May your Easter be filled with joyful celebration!

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