Posted by: deerharas | April 8, 2009

The Trickle Down Effect

This week I went to the library.  I really love libraries (case in point here); I take after my dad that way.  Anyway, I particularly love the Wheaton Public Library.  It’s ranked #8 in the nation (serving populations between 50,000-100,000), FYI.  I often study there rather than the Wheaton College library due to it’s comfortable chairs and scenic view overlooking a downtown park.  I also am a big fan of their DVD selection.  They have almost every TV show imaginable on DVD.  My So Called Life?  Check.  Faerie Tale Theatre?  Check.  (Remember The Frog Prince with Robin Williams and Teri Garr? Classic!)  Anyway, I was unpleasantly surprised this past week when I learned that because of budget cuts, the library will no longer be checking out movies for free but rather renting them for $1 each.

Well, if there was any doubt in my mind concerning the floundering economy after that, today certainly cleared it up.  I went to work this afternoon (my primary and favorite of my three jobs) only to learn that my boss had been laid off from her job the day before.  Being that my job is basically to play “mom” in her absence, and seeing that there is no longer a need for her to be absent, I too am left without a job come this summer.  I take that back; I technically still have two other jobs.  However, neither is dependable when it comes to getting hours, and one only pays minimum wage.  I was so thankful for the nanny gig; I really liked the family, they paid well, and the hours were convenient.  Babysitting jobs are pretty lucrative here in the ‘burbs, but I doubt that I will find another family needing my services with kids ages 10 & 13 … no changing diapers for me!

So looking toward the summer, I am once again in job hunt mode.  My heart goes out to those in similar or worse circumstances.  I can’t imagine working full time and the rug suddenly being pulled out from under you.  It’s one thing to lose your job; it’s another to have to find one in a climate such as this.

That being said, I am officially taking suggestions for summer work.  And don’t say swimming lessons instructor … I’ve already done that, and it was NOT for me.  🙂

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