Posted by: deerharas | May 24, 2009

There’s an app for that.

I am not what you would call technologically advanced.  I don’t have DVR; I still record things on VHS tapes.  I don’t have a GPS; I still print off MapQuest maps.  (Well, in all honesty I do have a GPS watch for marathon training purposes, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.) Nor do I have an iPhone or any comparable electronic device.  My simple cell works fine.  Nothing against the iPhone folks; I just have no desire to be that connected.  It’s bad enough having internet access at home (which I enjoy, don’t get me wrong).  I know myself and how much time I waste on the internet already; I certainly don’t need it everywhere, no matter how convenient it might be at times.

After last weekend, however, I can tell you that if ANYTHING was going to pull me into the iPhone camp, it would be this application.

Last Thursday one of my very best friends in the world made it up for her first Chicago visit.  I’d basically been looking forward to this since the second I left Oklahoma, so you could say I was a little excited.  About two weeks out, I started leaving countdown comments on her Facebook wall, things like: “In x number of days you’ll be here … and while you are here, we are going to: (fill in the blank).”  Things like run down Elm St. (as in Nightmare on) or wait hours in line for Ben Harper.  Some things we got around to (Ben, of course) and some we didn’t (not so much with the running 😦 ).  I suppose that just means she’ll have to come back.  🙂  Anyway, considering our mutual love of all kinds of music, I knew she’d love XRT (the only station I’ve ever heard play Indigo Girls), so listening at every chance definitely made the countdown.

I was right.  She loved the eclecticism as much as I do.  Seriously, I think I might go into mourning whenever I move out of XRT range.  The second day she was here we were driving somewhere when this fabulous cover of “Stand by Me” came on.  We both looked at each other like, “Who is this?!”  And that’s when it happened.  Stacey pulled out her nifty little iPhone, held it up to the speaker, and seconds later informed me it was John Lennon.  Now my question had turned from “Who is this?!” to “What did you just do?!”  Alright, all of you are probably WAY more in the know than me, but at that moment I was incredibly amazed.  No more dangerously scribbling down lyrics on whatever napkin or receipt happens to by lying close by while driving in order to Google them when I get home.  If I had an iPhone, I could just press a button!  No telling how many more songs she Shazam-ed over the course of her visit.  Not only is the app great for identifying songs, but it stores them for you so you can remember to download them later.  On our way to church we heard another great cover … “Is this Stevie Nicks singing ‘Crash’?!”  Shazam?  Sure enough.  That morning my pastor played a snippet from Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble.”  She totally would have tagged it had the clip lasted longer.

While I have no desire to know if the bird I’m looking at is a Red-faced Warbler, I wouldn’t mind knowing who’s on the radio.  A couple days ago I was on my way to the bank when I heard another fantastic cover.  And here’s the deal with covers: it doesn’t matter if I scribble down lyrics or not; I know the song already.  It’s the voice that eludes me.  What would I even Google?  “Pancho & Lefty / Scratchy-voiced cover?”  Thankfully XRT graciously informed me it was Steve Earle.

Well, I have yet to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, but if I ever do, we’ll all know why.


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