Posted by: deerharas | June 19, 2009

Two Reasons I’m Thankful for Summer Hebrew

This time last week I was driving to Aurora with Sharon for a celebratory Sonic slush.  Occasion?  I was done with summer Hebrew.  Even though I was iffy on the grammar/syntax portion of the final, I figured I at least passed (although a couple days later I had a dream to the contrary).  After four weeks of classes, four days a week, four hours a day, I was totally deserving of a cherry lime slush w/ extra real cherries.  And it was Sharon’s first Sonic trip.  And it was happy hour.  And it was great.

Now that the class is over, and I’ve had a week to somewhat relax (except for the whole working three jobs and leading small group), I’ve noticed a few positive changes in myself as a result of summer Hebrew.  #1 – I am a workout fiend.  #2 – I am a morning person.

For number one I can thank Hebrew vocab.  Every day in class we had a quiz focused heavily on vocabulary.  For each class we had about 40 words to memorize (assuming a base of 200), so that by the end of the four weeks we had memorized over 600 words.  So almost every day after class, I would go home for a light lunch before heading over the SRC to kinesthetically learn vocab.  I’d hop on the elliptical for an hour which was pretty much the perfect amount of time to learn 40 words.  With a quick review the following morning before the quiz, I was usually pretty prepared.  So thank you, vocab accountability quizzes, for contributing to my fitness.

For number two I can thank Hebrew homework.  Okay, so to make a long story short, I am not so great with Hebrew.  I took three semesters in college and did okay, so I figured even four years later I didn’t need to start completely over.  Well, I did.  Instead of beginning again in first semester, I jumped back in at the second and was way behind.  I played catch up all spring, never really catching up.  So going into third semester this summer, I was a little apprehensive.  The first night of homework we were assigned, I didn’t finish.  I stayed up late, got up early, and still didn’t finish.  In the following days and weeks I got faster at translation, which helped, but there were still several nights that I would be too tired to finish.  I figured that if I got up really early the next morning (and considering my class STARTED at 8:00 this meant REALLY early) I could work much more efficiently than late at night.  And I did.  But that meant several mornings of getting up at 5:00-ish, even a couple mornings before then.  All of that to say, that even after a week of no early morning obligations, I don’t think I’ve slept in past 6:30 a single day.  Which is CRAZY for me, because I am such a night person and have been since childhood.  My parents had a terrible time of waking me up in the mornings.  “Five more minutes,” was my early morning anthem.  I think I even had a pair of pajamas with the phrase written on them.  However, on those rare occasions that I have gotten up early, I always love it.  Early morning runs, early morning prayer, early morning road trips, whatever.    I love, love, love early mornings.  It’s just the waking up part that I hate.  So for the past week I’ve been trying to go to bed decently early so as not to alter my new early morning wake up inclination.  So thank you, Hebrew homework, for giving me a reason to get up in the mornings.

Ha … I thought I was back to blogging at the end of the semester, but Hebrew sure kept me from it.  I can’t actually give all the working out credit to Hebrew; another post on that is soon to follow.  The mornings, though … all Hebrew.  How long is it supposed to take to form a habit?  21 days?  Yep, got that one down after week three.  🙂


  1. you should write a blog post in Hebrew too! 🙂

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