Posted by: deerharas | July 31, 2009

His Easter Basket’s Never Empty

It’s story time, y’all.

A few weeks ago my mom told me about a girl from our church, just a couple years older than my brother, who had recently given birth to a baby girl.  And while babies are incredible blessings and worthy of celebration no matter what, one can’t help but anticipate the obstacles facing this young single mom.  Remembering this brand new mommy as a little girl, my mom wanted to send her a letter, or rather send her baby a letter, in hopes that she would someday know just how special her mother is.  So rather than me retelling the story, I asked my mom if I could share her letter here:

Dear Kennedy,

I must tell you this story about your mother.  It is a memory I have treasured in my heart for many years.  Sixteen years ago I had a little boy named Daniel.  We were so excited when your Great Grandpa Dalton Stewart chose Daniel to play Baby Jesus in the Christmas program.  He seemed like the most perfect little boy, but after a few months we found out he had cerebral palsy.  He had a hard time walking, so he used a little walker to help him get around.

Even as a little boy he wanted to do what all the other kids were doing.  So when I read about the Broadview Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt, I knew we would give it a try.  This was Daniel’s first egg hunt, so I carefully explained what would happen when we got to the playground at church.  He was ready and so excited about finding the hidden eggs.

The Easter Egg Hunt didn’t last long.  There were probably about 20 little children racing around the playground filling their baskets with all the eggs they could find.  Everyone was having a great time.  Did I say everyone?  Well, not everyone.  I was kind of sad watching Daniel.  By the time he spotted an egg, someone else would claim it, so his Easter basket remained empty.  It didn’t seem to bother him, though.  He kept trying.  I knew then what a special little guy he was.  He didn’t give up.  By the end of the hunt, Daniel had not found one single egg.

Now we get to the good part about your precious mother.  She, being the sweet, giving angel that she is, noticed the little boy who had trouble walking.  She saw that his Easter basket was empty.  This touched her precious heart, and do you know what she did?  She gave Daniel all the Easter eggs in her basket.

I will always remember the huge smile on Daniel’s face as he accepted your mom’s gift.  Daniel is 16 now and through the years people have shown him many acts of kindness.  It was this Easter egg gift that will mean the most.  Daniel has not had to go through life with an empty Easter basket, because of people like your sweet mother.  We will always remember her and thank God for the way she blessed our family.

We ask God to richly bless you and your precious mom.

Lynn Reed

It’s true; there are several stories of those who have reached out in kindness to my brother throughout the years.  I think this one is my favorite.  And I’m thankful it gets to live on another generation.


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