Posted by: deerharas | December 17, 2009

113 Pages

Yep, I just added them up.  I wrote a total of 113 pages for my classes this semester, and that is NOT including bibliographies.  Now I realize that for any of you PhD people out there, this may seem like small potatoes, but let me just assure you that for me, it is not.  Those are 113 very large potatoes.

I share this information with you, honestly, to elicit a little sympathy.  Earlier in the week I was at 90-something, and when I told this to my mother her response was, “That’s it?  You are ALWAYS writing.  I thought you would have written 2000 pages.”  2000 pages!  My Bible is not even 2000 pages.  Obviously that was NOT the response I was looking for.

So I just submitted the last fifteen and a half of those 113 pages, and with that begins Christmas break.  I’m actually leaving for Oklahoma here in a little over five hours, so I should probably get to packing and then sleeping, perhaps.  Oh, my poor little neglected blog, how I’ve missed you.  I promise to do better by you.  I have lots to say.  🙂

Goodnight friends!


  1. Dude, 113 pages is A LOT of pages. I like to do creative writing, and it takes forever to get down 6 pages. Okay, I should say that 113 well-written pages is a lot (which I am sure yours were). Well, I haven’t written any pages for school. But I have taken 19 tests since August. You totally have my sympathy Sarah, and my congratulations! Way to go on finishing the semester!!

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