Posted by: deerharas | January 24, 2010

S is for …

I have great people in my life.  I actually wrote about a few of them several years ago in this blog.  Over Christmas break I got the chance to visit four in particular who made the list then and to this day remain unshakably some of the best people in my life.  They’re my “S” girls.  Sarah, Stacey, Sydnie and Stacey.  My friendships with them span from 20 years to almost eight.  Two are in Texas and two are in Oklahoma, but despite time and distance, each friendship endures.  So here before it gets too crazy with the start of a new semester, I want to take the time to share why I love these incredible friends.


Sarah and I began our journey together in the church nursery.  Although we’ve known each other our whole lives, it wasn’t until elementary school that we became friends.  Before that I thought she never said a word, and she just didn’t like me.  In fact, in first grade as I walked into Sunday school one morning, she told the other girls, “There’s Sarah Reed.  Nobody talk to her.”  We’ve come along way since then.  🙂  We bonded one summer at G.A. camp and grew closer with every youth group event from Disciple Nows to ski trips.  We grew up together.  Her friendship was a constant I could depend on through the awkward middle school years and on into high school.  I moved away for college, but we stayed close; Sarah made the five hour drive to visit me a few times, once with both our moms in tow.  That’s another thing: her family is my own.  Before Daniel came along, my best experience of brothers and sisters was the time I spent with Sarah, Holly, Ben, and Neil.  Our families have remained close throughout the years, and while I don’t get to see Sarah very much these days, on those occasions when I do, we always pick up right where we left off.  This break I got to see my beautiful friend with a shiny new addition to her left ring finger.  This summer my Sarah Kaye (oh yeah, we have the same middle name, it’s spelled the same way, and we’re both named after our aunts on our mom’s side) is getting MARRIED and I get to stand up alongside her to witness it.

So here’s to Sarah, “who shares my name, who has always been there and always will be, whose family is my own, who is beautiful on multiple levels.”


Although she doesn’t remember me, I met Stacey on my first tour of OBU.  She was working the front desk and gave my family a tour of WMU.  The next year she was my RA, and the following year we were RAs together.  I have such fun memories of her whether it be zipping her up in my suitcase, making countless trips to Ted’s, or making interesting use of touch lights.  I remember in my RA interview being asked what quality I appreciated most about my RA, and without hesitation I mentioned Stacey’s ability to listen.  To this day, I think that’s what I appreciate most about her.  Rarely does she offer a solution to my problems, but she has a way of just really hearing what I’m saying.  We see things the same way; I often feel like no one in the world could really comprehend my way of thinking except her.  We actually only knew each other for a year and a half before she graduated, moved away and got married.  Since then we’ve traveled to the Little House on the Prairie 🙂 and Chicago, back when I was first considering Wheaton.  Thankfully, she married a pretty great guy and then had some pretty great kids (3 … wow), and one of my favorite things about visiting Texas is visiting the Lucases (hmm … not quite sure how to pluralize that one).

And here’s to Stacey, “who was more than my RA, who I never want to leave when it’s time to leave, who (along w/ Randy and Molly & now Matthew and Callie) are my first family of friends, who I can talk to and feel like I am really understood and affirmed.”


Another RA friend.  I met Sydnie my sophomore year (her freshman) when as an RA I had to escort a workman to her room to fix something.  I noticed that on her “info sheet” posted outside her door that we shared the same favorite scriptures (Lamentations 3:22-24) and that she liked the Abilenian worship leader Jeff Berry.  I thought to myself, “We could be friends.”  And friends we became, but not until the following year.  Sydnie took Stacey’s old RA position, which meant we shared the second floor divided by the lobby.  The great thing about Sydnie is how easy she is to be around.  I don’t care what I’m doing, I just like her there.  She was with me when I fell down the stairs in the GC, with me for hours in the ER, and with me through six weeks of carrying my bag to class and my tray in the cafeteria.  We both like to talk, so there’s always a story to share, but she’s the kind of friend you can just be silent with as well.  Over the course of our friendship, she too met a boy, got married and had a baby.  I was the “first friend” bridesmaid a few years ago and got to meet precious Margot this Christmas.  I love my Squeegee Beckenheim!

And to Sydnie, “who was an authentic friend for six of the hardest weeks of my life, who I can sit comfortably with in a silent room, who I can laugh with, cry with and pray with.”


The last of my “S’s,” I met Stacey just after the aforementioned ankle breaking of my junior year.  She was the small group leader of a Bible study my friend Amanda had invited me to.  Stacey’s passion for the Lord and enthusiasm for life was infectious.  I was constantly challenged to know and love God in deeper ways, and that group (which lasted in slightly different forms for three years) contributed as much to my spiritual growth as anything else.  Stacey invited me to lead a youth discipleship group, which further contributed to her discipleship of and investment in me.  And while I still very much look up to my sweet friend, a point came when we were no longer teacher and student, but rather peers.  I can tell (and have told) her anything and everything.  She has spoken more truth and encouragement into my life than perhaps anyone else, and no matter what happens we are tied together with an unbreakable spiritual bond.  It’s kind of bizarre the way God works between us sometimes, from scripture brought to mind, to calls to fast, to visions for life.  Who in the WORLD would have thought that something like Saturdate would have ever come to pass?  Yep, “We’re the kinds of folks who will always live right around the corner from something big.”

To Stacey, “who is my lifetime accountability partner, who is so much more than an accountability partner, whose passion inspires me, who I can tell (and have told) anything to, who shares my struggles and my strengths, who is a witness to my life and allows me to be a witness to hers.”

P.S.  (Is it weird to have a P.S. in a blog?) The quotes are from the blog I wrote almost five years ago.  I didn’t reread it until I had already written about each one, which only goes to show that the friends they were then, they remain to this day.  Much love, my precious S’s.


  1. Hey Sarah! Was just checking in on your blog. You are looking so good and I think the glasses are cute! Hope 2010 is a good year for you and filled with lots of concerts! 🙂

    • Thanks Cindy! There are a few concerts I’m looking forward to this year … most excited about James Taylor! 🙂 Hope you guys are well. I’m glad to see Tracy on Facebook these days.

  2. you have a very fun blog

    • Aw, thanks Greg! That means a lot! 🙂

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